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What We Are Reading

I have meant to post so many times, but something always happened — usually sick children. I have had more sick kids this winter and spring than I think I have had in the previous 10 years. We have had someone sick almost constantly since January — strep, ear infections, colds, bronchitis, viruses, and pneumonia with a hospitalization. So, I have been slow to post. Things seem to be looking up and everyone is well so maybe I will get that update on Sophia done in the next week or so. 
We did try to keep reading through all of the sickness, though there were some days with so many doctor visits and then being in the hospital that I didn’t get around to it. We read Fair Bay by Eleanor Frances Lattimore. It was written in 1958. I think everyone really liked this one, including me. I got it years ago at a library sale when they were getting rid of some old books. It is out of print, as are many of the books I read to the kids, but worth looking for. The book is about Trudy and her summer visit to her aunt’s home on the coast of South Carolina. One morning she rides her horse to the lost island of Fair Bay — destroyed years ago by a terrible storm. Her ordinary summer visit turns into an adventure when she finds an old fashioned music box and is subsequently taken back in time 60 years  — to the last afternoon of the island before it was destroyed. It is light and easy reading and a short book, but enjoyable. Bethany and Andrew liked it best. 
We then read E Is For Elisa by Johanna Hurwitz and Summer With Elisa by the same author. I had read that these books were very similar to the Betsy books that Bethany loves so much so I ordered them. Bethany and Andrew liked them and I thought they were ok. I didn’t find them that similar to the Betsy books by Haywood, though. 
We also read Forest Secrets by Tracy Kane — a book about fairy houses. Bethany absolutely loved this book. Before we finished it, she was out making a fairy house in our front yard. We found book 2 in this series and I have ordered it as she liked the first one so much. 
We are now reading Secret in the Maple Tree by Matilda Nordtvedt. We are enjoying this book and it is actually part of the A Beka reading program. 
I have a few random pictures to post from the past month or so. I haven’t even taken many pictures lately with all the sick kids. 
Kids playing in the rain last week — it was warm. 


Bella played in the rain and got kind of cold so got herself a blanket to warm up with.
Niece and aunt together on the sidewalk.
Reagan — my granddaughter. 
Sophia likes to sit and watch, but doesn’t really like the grass.
Bethany and her fairy house. 

I kept Madelyn (my granddaughter) the other day and got a few pictures of her.

She may not look that happy about visiting, but she actually likes it here — really.

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