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We finally read a book that wasn’t by Carolyn Haywood. It was Twig by Elizabeth Orton Jones. Bethany really loved this book about a little girl that lived on the fourth floor of a house in the city. The story was magical and it was enjoyed by everyone that listened. 
We are now finishing Betsy and the Circus — another Carolyn Haywood book. This book is not quite as good as some we have read by her, but we are still enjoying it. I think this is one of the newer ones she wrote — written in the early 70’s. 
We have a lot going on in the next couple of months — a baby dedication, a daughter graduating from medical school then getting married, a dance recital and on a smaller scale the kids all have to be tested. Hopefully, after all of this we will have a very relaxing and calm summer. 





Sophia doesn’t like many things, but she sure likes to sit on the front porch — like her mom.

Joshua has been coming to visit a lot and he is such a cheerful little boy most of the time. He will have his baby dedication in April. 

I’m not exactly sure why, but I really like this picture of Reagan getting her hands cleaned off by her daddy after playing in the sandbox at our house. 
Finally, I think spring may really be here. We are all so tired of winter and sleet and snow. I can hardly wait for summer and iced coffee on the front porch.


  1. Have y'all discovered the Betsy-Tacy books by Maud Hart Lovelace? Most libraries don't have them anymore, but they are absolutely worth purchasing for your personal library. They're guaranteed to become treasures that will get read over and over again. I recommend the first four in the series for your girls. The themes are more mature in the books where Betsy is in high school. Even then it's early 1900's, so nothing bad. It's just more mature.

  2. Yes, we love the Betsy-Tacy books. We haven't read the ones where she is in high school yet. I enjoy them as much as the kids — brings back memories of when I read them as a child.

  3. Such beautiful pictures of the children. Bella and Sophia look like they're doing great. A little jealous of the spring flowers, but our snow if finally melting this week.

  4. Snow just melting? Wow! I'm so ready for spring and it was in the 70's today. Tomorrow it is suppose to be close to 80 and that makes me so happy.

  5. Oh my goodness! Everyone is growing so big! Beautiful pictures! (((HUGS)))

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