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Bethany has been sick for the past couple of weeks — extra nebulizer treatments, extra vest time and extra acapella usage. Her days have been filled with one treatment after another. She has coughed and coughed and has had more mucus than she ever has. So, I spent a lot of time reading to her. She is now doing much better and seems pretty much on the road to recovery. She loves the Carolyn Haywood books so we read a couple of those — Here Comes the Bus and Taffy and Melissa Molasses. Then we read Holly in the Snow by Eleanor Frances Lattimore and are just finishing Deborah’s White Winter by the same author. The Lattimore books were written in 1954 and 1949, but Bethany seems to love all of these old books. I think we are going to run out of Carolyn Haywood books soon as we have read so many of them. I search and search for all of her books as so many of them are out of print. 
We ordered a swing for Bethany and she was so excited. I guess I didn’t pay much attention when ordering it as I was quite surprised how large it was — the seat is so deep. 
Bella will be modeling for GAP at the Down syndrome festival this coming Saturday. We think she will look quite cute walking the runway. I am hoping that she will not suddenly get shy and not walk at all. 


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