Today I kept Luke while his dad played the piano for a church and went for a dental appointment. This was actually the first time I have kept him since he was born. He is a very good natured baby. The kids loved him being here and could hardly stay away, but I kept them out of his face and that wasn’t easy. I knew his dad would feel better if 6 or 7 kids were not in his face all day. 



Tomorrow Joey and Shannon go in to see the doctor to get the results from the MRI he had done on Saturday — prayers would be appreciated. He started chemo Monday and so far is feeling pretty good. They actually went out to the park today as it was such a pretty day. Hopefully, he will continue to feel pretty good this week, but he never knows when it will really hit him.
I still don’t have my computer, but realized I could just take a few pictures and try to get them on my iPad. That was difficult as my iPad is old and didn’t want to load the pictures, but after about 4 attempts they loaded. So, I have a few pictures from today. 

We have tons of doctor appointments coming up and several surgeries. I am hoping to have most of this done by summer. Tess can’t talk about anything but going to the beach so I guess we will have to try to get there. It is a daily conversation. I have talked to a therapist to help with the girls and their adjustment here in the US. I know what problems a lack of attachment can cause and I am trying to avoid this. They seem to be doing very well, but a few tips from an attachment therapist can’t hurt. 
Hopefully, I will have my computer back this week and can get back to taking pictures and blogging more. 

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