Our Trip

We had a wonderful trip to Tennessee and we managed to do most of the things I really wanted to do with the girls. I had very low expectations for the trip and had decided from the beginning that we would not try to do too much. We would just take it slow and enjoy ourselves. That is what we did and it was so nice. I was impressed how much and how long Sarah was able to walk. She is not usually very active. I have to remind her that she needs to do a little exercise most days. But, she was a trooper on this trip and kept us with us no matter how much we walked. 
We went by my grandmother’s old house. I spent just about every summer of my life there visiting her and my aunts, uncles and cousins. I have very fond memories of us walking to get ice cream and stopping to talk to neighbors on our way back home. So many good memories to share with my children and now they have a picture of what her house looks like and how steep the hill up to her house actually is since now they have walked it. It makes what I tell them more real. 
Now we are ready to get into school and pray this will be a great year. Last year went very well and the kids actually enjoyed most of their studies. Hope this year can go as well. 








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