My daughter, Abigail, is 20 years old. Since she was about 10 or so she has talked about going to Tennessee to see where my grandmother lived and where I spent every summer of my life until I got married. When she was young I would tell her about going to my grandmother’s house and sitting on the front porch and talking on hot summer evenings. Also, about walking to the ice cream store with my grandmother to get ice cream and then walking home eating it — stopping along the way to sit on porches and talk with all the neighbors. I would sit and listen as the neighbors all talked and visited. Though I was young, and never really joined in on the conversations, I loved those summer nights. I told Abigail how we would walk to town and spend the day — walking and walking and then having to walk home up a steep hill. All of these things — happy memories. 
I told Abigail that one day we would visit and she could see where my grandmother had lived and where we had walked and just get a feel for what it was like for me. Somehow we never seemed to have time to go. Something always happened or the timing was wrong or I just couldn’t seem to get away with so many kids here. Since Abigail is now 20, I knew our time for going together was getting short. I wanted to go before she finished school and moved out. So, I decided I had to find a way. Getting someone to watch my kids was the hard part. Strangely, Emily volunteered to watch the kids. I was a little surprised but very happy and took her up on it. I knew she would do an excellent job — which she did. 
So, Abigail, Zola and I left on Wednesday morning and headed for Tennessee. It was such a wonderful feeling to know that I would finally be able to show two of my children where I spent my summers. I only took the two oldest so that we could spend some adult time together – which doesn’t happen very often. It was really a nice time for the three of us.
We got there Wednesday evening in time to actually get into the hotel and then go out and walk across the bridge to my grandmother’s house – not a short walk but doable. 

So strange, after so many years, to walk up that hill and see my grandmother’s house. Brought back so many memories. 
So much had changed, but so much was the same. Many of the little houses that were down the street from my grandmother were gone. It made me a little sad as they were so cute and I had wanted to see them again.
At the top of the hill, almost all of the houses were pretty much as I remembered them – with a few changes. This old brick house was one I passed every Sunday morning in the summer as I walked to church. I always loved it as a kid. 
We walked the Market Street Bridge – if it is still called that – and the walking bridge. Actually, we walked them over and over. We also visited the little ice cream shop at the end of the bridge. 

There were lots of places to eat and lots of little shops that we enjoyed. Zola was quick to find a Vegan restaurant and Abigail and Zola were both happy to see there was a Mellow Mushroom not far from our hotel. We walked all over and enjoyed downtown Chattanooga and NorthShore. I am so glad we were able to go.





We only stayed a few days – we left on Saturday morning after breakfast – but it was long enough to show both girls around a little. There were lots of new places for all of us to explore along with visiting the old neighborhood. 






We found this merry-go-round in the park and it was really beautiful. I love merry-go-rounds.



It also gave me time to rest and think a little about what I need to do this year for school. It is much easier to think when you have a little time to yourself. It was a lovely few days. 


  1. Beautiful post. I loved reading this and seeing your photos. What a blessing you were able to go.

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