The Past Few Days

The weather has been so beautiful and the kids have been outside more. I have loved it. My granddaughter, Evelyn, has started working on our outdoor kitchen. It was a mess as it sat all fall and winter and nobody seemed interested in getting it fixed up for spring and summer till Evelyn came over one day. She has raked and cleaned and started putting things together. She has a table with flowers and has a lot of ideas of what she needs to get it looking good again. Aria, helped her and it was nice to see them working together. I promised Evelyn that we could go get a few things so she could finish up as there seemed to be almost nothing left from last fall. It makes me happy to see her out there working and playing. I remember all the years that Bethany fixed it up in the spring and she and the girls next door would play and play in it. Time goes by so quickly. I’m glad it will be used again.

We also went out and got some bird seed as Bethany and Tess want to get some pictures of birds and the squirrels that will come. There has actually been a little chipmunk that Bethany has sat and sat and waited for and he will come up and almost eat out of her hand. He wasn’t even an inch away today when something scared him away. Both Bethany and Tess have a new found interest in photography and have been out using the cameras a lot lately. After watching how much fun they were having I signed them up for a photography class this summer – just a 5 day camp. I think they will love it.

Bethany was also in a baking mood this week so we went out and bought some baking supplies. She baked a cake and made her own frosting. The kids could not decide on chocolate or butter cream so she decided to do half and half. It turned out really nice. She’s not usually the one to bake a lot, but occasionally she gets in the mood. Tess loves to bake and cook and has decided she would like to make us dinner one night a week and this Wednesday she will be making us tacos. I think I could like this a lot.

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