The Past Week

This past week seems to have flown by with us finishing school, getting tested and then immediately we celebrated several birthdays including my mom’s. We rented an ice cream truck for the party which always makes the kids thrilled. Something about being able to just go up to the truck and get anything you want several times. I won’t mention names, but I do have one grandson that just likes to order – not eat the ice cream – just order. He runs up to the truck and gets a popsicle then takes one lick and throws it on the ground and then runs back to get a different one. I guess it’s the thrill of just being able to order anything you want.

Aria got a popsicle that was extremely sour by accident and was not happy – I think it got thrown away.

Little Shep my 5 day old grandson also came to the party, but he slept through most of everything. He is so beautiful.

We made a bucket list for this summer of very easy simple things to do and we have started doing a few of the things. The ice cream truck was the first thing we did and then we made ice cream on the front porch. It was such an easy recipe – I think it only had 5 ingredients – and it was really good. We just made vanilla, but next time I think we may make peach with the peaches that will be coming on the peach truck.

Then we made lemonade – another thing on our bucket list. I bought lemons and limes so we could make both, but we have only made lemonade so far. It turned out really good and we will probably make the limeade tomorrow. They loved squeezing the juice out of the lemons and it was so easy they could do everything themselves. Aria especially got into doing it.

We had a pretty good week and I am looking forward to the weekend and maybe going to the farmer’s market – another thing on our bucket list.

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