This Past Week

It’s been a slow week and not much happening here. We finished our current book The Pink Maple House by Christine Govan and we are ready for a new book. I’m actually considering a Christmas book now – though we usually wait till the first of December. But, a month is not a long time to read as many Christmas books as we have and we have started a little early this year anyway. So, tomorrow I guess we will pick our new read aloud and it will probably be a Christmas one. 

We have started doing a little decorating here even though Thanksgiving is not even here. But, we just felt like since we stay home so much it would actually add a little joy and the kids were definitely enthusiastic. So, we have put up a small kitchen tree and a little garland and just a few other things. We have a bunch of buckets out in the family room full of stuff that we are going through and deciding if we will use this year. The kids love to go through them and pull out stuff to play with – especially cottages and people and little trees. My kids have played with this stuff for years and years and it is fun to see Piper and Bella playing with the same little cottages that their older sisters and brothers played with so long ago.  

We are having a small Thanksgiving this year due to COVID. We will only have our family that lives in our home for dinner. With such a large family there is much greater risk and three of my daughters work in a hospital. After much thought and discussion we decided we just should not risk so many people here at one time especially since we have several children that are high risk. It is sad and I will miss all our family. This is a first for us. But, next year we will all be together again on Thanksgiving day. 


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