Three Years Ago

I was going through old pictures, deleting some to kind of clean up my folders and I found these pictures of my granddaughter, Reagan, and Bella. This was three years ago almost to the day. Reagan and Bella were always such good friends and Reagan used to always say that Bella was her very best friend and she just loved to come over and play with her. It was so sweet. My daughter and I always said it would be sad when they were not as close. Well, in just a few weeks Reagan starts kindergarten and she is moving on, though she and Bella still play some. Reagan is a very mature 5 year old and I knew the time of being best friends with Bella was growing short. I am sure Reagan will find a new best friend and will do very well this year. They will always be friends and Reagan is a very sweet child and will always include Bella when she is here, but those days of being very best friends are over and it kind of makes me sad. 



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