I800 Mailed

I finally got our I800 mailed. I had planned to get it done as soon as I got home from EE, but once I got home I took a few days to just spend time with family. Then a series of storms came through our state and we lost power for three days. I couldn’t even get online to get the forms and fill them out. Finally, on Friday afternoon I got them mailed. Now, we need to update some other stuff  — physicals, psychologicals, and police checks. We will start working on those in the next couple of weeks but I don’t want to get them done too soon as they can not be any older than 6 months.
While the power was out we spent a lot of time on our front porch. It was so hot inside and at least the porch offered an occasional breeze. The temperature reached over 100 everyday. The kids would bring their breakfast on the porch and eat as Bill and I drank our coffee  — I would run to the nearest place with power to grab our morning coffee. Our porch seemed to be the only place I could really enjoy being without power.
Zola Having Breakfast on the Porch (obviously before brushing her hair)
Bethany Having Breakfast on the Porch
Claire Twirling on our Porch
My Hydrangea Poking a Bloom Through the Balluster


  1. You have the most beautiful pictures!
    We got our I800 out this week too (Thurdsda). Prayefully, we will both be approved quickly. So excited to be on to the next phase with this adoption.

  2. Michelle, We were a little later mailing ours than I had planned but at least it is done now. I just wish the wait was not so long. Are you thinking that you will travel by November? I am so hoping to travel by the middle of November — I know there is not much I can do to speed things up except pray.

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