We Met Bella!

We are here in the village and we met Bella! She is a chubby little thing and adorable. When they first brought her to us, she looked like she might cry so I was a little hesitant to try to hold her. I gave her a few minutes and then she came to me with no problem. We took her outside to the playground and sat on the swing with her and walked her around some. She was easy to entertain and very content. There is a little playhouse on the playground and we also took her in there. She didn’t really want to play in there long though. She really wanted to sit in my lap and swing — and also Emily’s lap. So, toward the end of the visit I just sat on the swing and held her and sang to her and she ended up falling asleep on my lap. She really is very sweet!
Now, there are very few ammenities in the village. Very unlike Allysen’s region where just a simple walk around would provide sights of beauty and interest”. This is much more rural in nature, but quaint. The pace here is definately slower , like the WiFi.. I guess this is about all there is here next to the village. Actually, this is a village also, but Bella’s doesn’t have any place to stay. We are suppose to have Internet (I can’t even believe it does from the looks of it) but connecting just doesn’t always happen. We tried and tried before we finally connected but it does look like it may be a problem. We will just have to keep trying and trying. So, hopefully I will be able to post this week.
I guess we might get some interesting pictures here if we get to walk around. I hope we will be able to walk some in the village that Bella lives in. I guess it depends on if our interpreter minds staying and walking after the visits.
Here are some photos of Bella that I was fortunately able to send out today:







  1. Oh, my! She is precious!

    How old is she? I'm wondering because our little one will be 3 in September and I'm trying to get an idea of how big she'll be.

  2. So sweet!! These girls look like they will both fit in great with your family~

  3. So sweet!

  4. Oh what a perfect treasure!!!!

  5. Absolutely adorable!!! So precious!!

  6. She is absolutely gorgeous! She looks like a little bundle of energy.


  7. She looks like she is very well taken care of! It would be fun if your daughter took a picture of you holding her:)

  8. AAAAHHHH! She is precious! You are one blessed mama!

  9. well isn't she just the cutest….

  10. Look at those eyes!!! She is beautiful!!

  11. She is precious…. I just stumbled upon your blog and am so glad I did!! Both of your girls are precious and I know they are going to rock your world in such an amazing way!! THANK YOU FOR GOING. THANK YOU!!

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