Day Two With Allysen

We went back to Allysen’s orphanage this morning. Allysen was ready for us when we got there wearing a cute little skirt and top. She was more interested in us today and actually held her head up a lot compared to yesterday. She even sat up for quite a while before falling over on us. The change was remarkable! She actually smiled for us quite a bit and just seemed so much more alert. She still did not use her right arm at all and only moved her right leg maybe once or twice. We stood her up and she would stand while we held her and she would pick up her left leg and move it but not the right. We definitely need to have this checked out as soon as we get her home.
We spent about two and a half hours at the orphanage today playing with Allysen and getting to know her. We took her out on the playground first. We walked her around, held her on a riding toy, and let her watch the other kids. She loves watching children play — especially boys going fast on riding toys. She would actually smile just watching them. This is such a change from yesterday. After a little over an hour, we took her in to play, as it was getting pretty hot in the sun. We put her in a little swing and she really enjoyed it, but had trouble sitting in it and keeping her balance while it moved. Then we played with her on a mat on the floor. She was getting very obviously tired by the end of the visit and was ready for lunch and a nap.
We went back to our hotel and had lunch then went for a walk. There is an open air market within a three or four minute walk from our hotel. This is really a pretty place. I don’t think Bella’s region will be quite so entertaining. — her orphanage is in a small village. Our hotel here actually has a pool, a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner and entertainment every evening for the kids. — best place we have ever stayed for an adoption. I will post some pictures.
Oh, and my daughter just told me that I didn’t say what a vicious biter Allysen is — Emily definitely got it a few times today!












  1. So glad you got to see her more alert on day two! Jordan was also much more alert on day two… and for the rest of our visits. And oh my, was he tired by the end of each visit. I think he fell asleep in my arms twice… very sweet. 😀

  2. I'm happy she was more responsive today. She is so cute! The pictures of the market are so colorful.


  3. Beautiful!

  4. Have I already said it? She is precious!!! Hoping the biting stops soon, Marni abused me with hair pulling, head-butting, and ripping off my glasses when we first adopted her. She THANKFULLY doesn't do any of that anymore. Whew! Hang in there…and stay on guard lol

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