SOMEBODY decided to cut her bangs. Her sister hid scissors under her pillow and Bella found them. Hidden scissors, as I don’t allow scissors in their rooms — for this reason.


  1. OH NO!!! Last year my K (5th grade at the time) decided to curl her bangs using a fine-toothed lice comb. All the way up to her scalp. We had to cut them down to a half-inch long. A year later, they're finally almost grown out. UGH!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I hope it doesn't take that long to grow back out!

  3. SO CUTE!!! I remember when my son did this when he was about 4 years old!


  4. At least Bella's pigtails are intact! I love her expression in this picture: "I was naughty, but it sure was fun!"

    Better her own hair than one of her sisters'. Although maybe Bella will become a hairdresser when she grows up!

  5. And yet, the cut looks adorable on her!

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