Iced Coffee

Today I strained and put all of my iced coffee in jars – ready to refrigerate and drink tomorrow morning. Last night I put all the coffee and water in a large container to sit for 12 hours for a delicious iced coffee. Making the coffee kind of signifies the beginning of summer for me. I was actually a little late this year – mainly because I could not find my large container that I make the coffee in and since I make approximately 16 quarts at once I need a pretty large container for it. But, we finally found it and I got it all made and now it is just chilling in the refrigerator.  


Funny how all the girls like to help me make it – though they don’t get any. You would have thought I was making ice cream. They crowded around till it was actually hard for me to pour and strain all the coffee grounds out. They all just had to help. 

I was going through old pictures today – June of 2016 – the year Piper and Tess arrived. It seems like yesterday, but at the same time so long ago. I look at their pictures and they look so small. I literally can’t believe how much they have grown in 4 short years. They look so big now and are growing up way too fast for me. But, I sure have enjoyed these girls. This picture was taken exactly 4 years ago in June.


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