1,776 Hours

Well, another vest machine has died here. I’m not even sure how long we have had this one, but I know that she has done 1,776 hours on it. That’s a lot of hours. It died over the weekend and we got her new one today. We have been doing hand PT while we wait which is really a pain to do at her age. When she was a baby it wasn’t bad. We were so excited that the new machine arrived today as it makes our lives so much easier! 


Bethany wanted a typewriter for her birthday – a manual one. She got one and has loved using it. She has been writing letters and stories and all kinds of stuff. Problem – this typewriter is horrible. It gets jammed and the roller will hardly turn and the space bar won’t work. I’m really sad at how poorly it works – especially since she was having so much fun with it. I guess we will be shipping it back tomorrow, but I don’t know whether to get another of the same or look for something different. There really didn’t seem to be that many choices out there for manual typewriters. 


Bella’s new nightgown arrived the other day so after her bath she put it on and asked me to take a picture to send to Katie. She always wants to send a picture of any new clothes to her big sister, Katie. 


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