What We Are Reading

We have read quite a few books lately so I will only name a few. We read The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden by Karina Yan Glaser and it was another book about gardens. We really liked this book a lot. The Vanderbeeker kids decided to plant a garden in an old run down area next to a church when their neighbor has a stroke and they want to do something that will cheer him up and help heal him. The area is in horrible condition and they meet lots of obstacles, but they are determined. It is a sweet story and I think I liked it because of the garden and I love garden stories this time of year. They kids also enjoy a good garden story and especially since we are in the process of planting our next garden. And we loved the way the kids cared so much about their older neighbor. It is definitely a book worth reading. 
We also read Understood Betsy by Dorothy Canfield Fisher and enjoyed it. This book was about Elizabeth Ann that lives with her aunt and has been over protected all of her life and can hardly do a thing for herself. She is sent to another relative when her aunt gets sick and there things are totally different for Elizabeth Ann. She is expected to do for herself and to actually become useful and help do things on the farm. Elizabeth Ann slowly becomes a different child and has to face up to a lot of fears that she has. It was a nice read. The kids enjoyed, but I don’t think as much as some we have read lately. The closer to the end we got the more they enjoyed, though. 
We are also now reading Among The Pond People by Clara Dillingham Pierson. The kids love this as it is about nature and animals. We have not finished this book but will be done in a few days. 


Also, on Thursday I got to see my new granddaughter. My daughter brought her over and we sat on the front porch and visited for an hour or so. I had only seen baby Kennedy one time since she was born over 5 weeks ago since we are all pretty much staying home as our governor has told us to do. It was such a nice visit and I am so glad I got to see Kennedy. It’s hard practicing social distancing when you have a brand new granddaughter. I will say it was definitely a cold, rainy day for a visit, though. 


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