Baking and Reading

Last Wednesday I asked Bethany what she would like to do before Christmas if she could do anything she wanted. She said she wanted to have a baking day and then after they baked, everyone could eat the goodies and listen to me read. So on Thursday we baked — a lot. I think they had fun. But, it took so long to get started and then to finish baking that we barely had time to read. We have made up for it this weekend, though. 
I took pictures, as usual, and most of the kids joined in to bake some. Zola didn’t do much as she usually likes to bake alone — something I don’t understand. She loves to bake and decorate but says she likes being alone when she does it. She will make fudge with everyone, though. I prefer to bake with other people myself, as do all the other kids. Bella mainly watched and Sophia didn’t care much, though a couple of times she seemed a little interested in what was going on. She definitely doesn’t want to eat any of the goodies. Bella, on the other hand, will eat until she is sick if you don’t stop her. 





This year is extra exciting for us as we prepare for Christmas with our family and also plan a trip to China. I keep thinking that next year we will have two new daughters at Christmas. 



We are finished with school for this year and will take the time to enjoy this season as much as possible. Though it sometimes seems like a lot of work, I want to make memories for my children that they will remember throughout their lives. I have learned that these days go quickly and I want to have these memories for myself, as well as wanting my children to have them. 





  1. I love everything about this post. Praying you have a lovely Christmastime as you wait to travel.

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