Sunday Morning

Today was another wonderful Sunday morning. First, it was Pastor Appreciation Day and we do have a wonderful and inspiring pastor. Bethany made a card for him with a picture she painted on the front and we all gave it to him. Only problem was that since it was home made we did not seem to have an envelope in the house that it fit in so, unfortunately, we had to give it to him without one. It was a wonderful service and very uplifting and I think we all felt inspired when we left.

Sarah and Caroline were especially happy as the choir director asked them last week if they would like to sing with the praise group this Sunday. She asked because she knew one of the songs they were singing was just about Sarah’s favorite. It was so sweet of her. That is one of the things I love about our church. It makes no difference how Sarah and Caroline sing and how off key they are – they are still loved and wanted. Anyway, they sang and were so proud. They were all smiles the rest of the day. I recorded a little of it. Wish I had gotten more, but I was so busy listening that I almost forgot to record it at all.


  1. Claudia Y Allen says

    I love that so much that the church is so inclusive. They looked so happy to be up there singing! Good job, girls.

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