Joey and Shannon saw the doctor today for the results on the MRI he had done on Saturday. The news was not what we wanted to hear, but not necessarily bad. One of the scans showed a shadow that was new. It was not on the two other scans they did. But, apparently, the new shadow could be new tumor growth or it could be toxins from the chemo. The tumor board will meet on Friday and discuss –  then call Shannon to tell her what they decided. It could be that he has to start a new chemo as the doctor said that the tumor could be resistant to the chemo he is using. Lots of questions, but no answers right now. They will be doing another MRI in one month to recheck the shadow. Until then we just wait, and it will be a long month. Your continued prayers would be greatly appreciated. 
I had to really grasp to find a picture for tonight. Just haven’t taken many since my computer has been in the shop. 

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