Still Waiting

Still no I800 approval. I have talked to our officer and it seems that it is going to be another 2 or 3 weeks. That just seems so long. I see that many people have gotten approval much quicker so I guess our little addendum really slowed us down. Everyday I hope to hear something but I don’t. I just keep thinking how this is going to slow us down getting a court date. I try to just not think about it, but that seems to be hard for me. I keep looking at my calendar and thinking that if we get I800 approval on “This Day” — maybe we could get our Article 5 letter by “That Day”  and then maybe a court date by “That Day”. I need to stop doing this. 
We had a nice weekend and some of the kids went with friends and I took the others to get ice cream. It was a pleasant Sunday evening sitting outside while the kids ate their ice cream and then ran around and played a little. 

Most of the kids take a long time choosing their flavor, but not Sarah — It is ALWAYS chocolate!


Caroline decided on the flavor Strawberry Cake. 

Bethany decided on Peach



Zola Thinks she got Oreo Cheesecake – – She can’t seem to remember and neither can I



After a while, their older brother came up to meet us with his dog. Everyone went outside so his dog “Rocky” wouldn’t be lonely.







After they finished their ice cream, Bethany and Sarah decided to climb trees.




  1. I'm thinking you will have approval any day now. It only took ours a week and Brigette made a mistake initially when she wrote the check so that caused a delay but once she resubmitted everything right it only took a week. Keep checking, it will be soon!!

  2. Michelle, Funny you say that, as I just got an email that says we have I800 approval and now the file will be sent to the National Visa Center for review. I can't believe it, as I thought it was going to be another week or two. Maybe now things will start moving as I am so anxious to go back and pick up the girls. I know you must be anxious, too.

  3. Hi, I'm new at your blog. You have such an amazing family. But i don't know your children's name, can you share?? Just if there no problem with that.

  4. Did you mean the names of all my children at home now or the two we are adopting? I am assuming you mean the ones in the picture at the top of our blog and they are : Katie, Madison, Abigail, Sarah, Zola, Caroline, Jordan, Andrew, Claire and Bethany. The two we are adopting have been given names by the agency to protect their privacy and they are — Bella and Allysen. We are keeping Bella's name but changing Allysen's to Sophia.

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