Waiting For I800 Approval

We filed our I800 soon after getting home from seeing both girls. We had to file an addendum and so our agency sent it to USCIS. The problem is, that we and our homestudy agency both forgot that our Hague agency had to approve the addendum so our homestudy agency had to send a copy to AAC to get approval. AAC approved it very quickly and sent the letter of approval to USCIS but all of this slowed us down a little. Now we have to wait for approval and we were told by our agent at USCIS that it will probably be another two weeks. That seems so long right now but I guess in the scheme of things it really isn’t. 
This past week was fairly busy as Claire and Jordan both had surgery on their eyes  — actually, Claire just had botox. The surgery went well for Jordan and her eyes look better now, but I am not sure that Claire’s botox worked. So far, her eyes are still turning in some, but they say it can take a week or two for results. They both have appointments tomorrow morning to have their eyes checked. They will both be getting contacts in the next couple of weeks. I’m sure it won’t be fun getting Claire’s in her eyes, but I am told that contacts are the best thing for her. 
So, we will wait for USCIS approval and enjoy the balance of the summer. I have so many things that I had planned to do with the kids and have hardly done any of them. I guess I better get busy. 










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