We Got The Signature!

I can’t believe it! We finally got the email that we have the signature from the MOJ. I am so excited! Now, it is sent over to the courts, assigned a judge and then a court date. So, we just wait for the court date and I am hoping that we will get that pretty quickly. I was so relieved this morning when I got the email about the signature, as I had really started to worry that maybe something was wrong. Shelley had tried to assure me that everything was ok, but I just couldn’t stop that little nagging feeling that something could go wrong  — like my papers could have been lost or maybe there was a reason we couldn’t get the signature — what reason I don’t know, but I imagined that there could be one. Thank goodness I can relax a little now before I start worrying about the court date. 
Here are a few autumn pictures I have taken this past week.











  1. So happy for you!!! Praying the final steps go quick and smooth 🙂

  2. I am soooo happy for you!! I've been checking your blog for updates regularly and have been believing it must be terribly discouraging to still be waiting. Prayerfully you will get a super quick court date. Congratulations!

  3. Thanks, Michelle. I kept wondering what was going on and couldn't understand how you already had a court date when we were leaving the country to go back to the states the day after you arrived. At least I don't have to worry anymore. It won't be long and I guess you will be traveling – how exciting!

  4. Yeah! So glad to hear that you finally got your signature…I've been checking in and hoping it would come soon! Hopefully the rest will go quickly.

  5. Such good news! I hope things move quickly. I love the pictures, especially of the girls together in hot pink. Adorable!!!

    Sue H.

  6. Yay! I can mark "Answered" in my prayer journal!

    Beautiful pictures, as always, but I too LOVE the one of Sarah and Caroline on the porch together. Precious sister love!

  7. Thanks for the prayers as I have been so anxious to get this.

  8. AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!

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