A Quiet Time

The other day the kids were playing outside and I checked on them and noticed Bethany was sitting under a tree. About 15 minutes later I checked on them again and Bethany was still under the tree with a bunch of paper and a pencil. I was surprised she was still there as she never stops running and jumping and playing.
When I checked again and she was still sitting there drawing, I ran and got my camera  — I had to capture her sitting there as I never see her sit so quietly for so long. 

She actually sat under this tree with her paper and pencil for 45 minutes and that is unheard of for her.


Something must have inspired her to sit for so long and draw several pictures. How I loved seeing her – – so quiet and attentive to her drawings. She seemed totally unaware of all the yelling and playing going on around her.


And I just told her pediatrician that she can never ever sit still — not even for a meal or snack or her treatments.


She brought me one of her finished pictures so I could take a picture of it. 


  1. Bethany, good job on your drawing! Beautiful picture capturing the moment.

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