Two Pumpkins

Sometime back in the summer, after Andrew planted the flowers, we noticed a strange vine growing that we had not planted. It wasn’t long and we realized it was a pumpkin vine. Apparently, the seeds that were thrown out in the yard at our pumpkin carving last fall came to life this summer — at least that is what we think. I almost pulled the vine out as I cared nothing about growing a pumpkin — especially in our flower garden. But, Andrew and Bethany wanted to leave it so I figured why not.
We finally had four small pumpkins and even though we gave them very little attention they continued to grow. One morning Andrew came in after checking them and said something had gotten one of the little pumpkins and had eaten a hole in it. Then a few days later the second pumpkin had a large hole in it. We had no idea what was getting them. 
By this time I had grown rather fond of Andrew’s idea that he and Bethany could carve a pumpkin at our annual pumpkin carving party that they had actually grown themselves. So, we started researching ways to keep animals and bugs away from the last two pumpkins. 
We read to put dryer sheets on sticks and the smell would keep deer and other animals out. Not sure if this is true, but we did it. Then Andrew made up some kind of pepper spray that he read would work and sprayed the leaves and around the pumpkins. So far so good.
The thing we can’t figure out is why they are so bumpy and warty looking. We never bought any pumpkins that looked like these — at least I don’t remember having any. But, if they didn’t come from our pumpkin carving seeds then where would they have come from? Can’t figure. I just hope nothing gets these last two as Bethany and Andrew will be heartbroken. 

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