The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 22

Today our special thing to do was to use the gift cards my girls got today from their Sunday school teacher and buy Happy Meals at McDonald’s. We went this evening for dinner and my son, John, and his two kids met us – they got gift cards, too. They probably drove the cashier at McDonald’s crazy as each of the kids ordered their Happy Meal and paid separately with their gift card. They had a great time and now we have made it all the way to day 22. So, we are almost done with our Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas. It has been nice and we have enjoyed doing this. I was looking through pictures and videos on my phone this evening after we came home and thought of how blessed we are to have these children and how much energy and joy they bring us. I hope they have enjoyed this Christmas season as much as I have enjoyed this special time with them. 
I didn’t take any pictures at McDonald’s tonight. I actually didn’t take any pictures at all today which is unusual. So, I thought I would just post a video of Bethany singing her solo from the Christmas program we did a couple of weeks ago. She was Mary in the program this year. 

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