The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 16

Well, we are over half way there and we have managed to find some small enjoyable thing to do each day. Today was easy – we had our Christmas program at church. The kids really look forward to doing it each year and so do I – until around November when I realize how much work we need and how few kids I have to work with. But, it is always ok, and the kids always enjoy. I want them to have this every year. 
First I have a picture of my youngest grandchild – Jakob. He came to see the program today along with big brother, Luke. 
Baby Jesus was my next youngest grandson – Finn. He did a great job – slept in the manger the entire program. 
The kids did a pretty good job considering how few of them there were and Sarah even sang a solo. She was so happy. That is what I like about a small church – everybody gets a chance. But, I am definitely glad it is over. I usually say about this time of year that I will never do it again. But, I always do. 
Reagan was the Angel of the Lord and is also Finn’s big sister. 






  1. What a beautiful group you had for your Christmas program! Such a great opportunity for them. I would love to hear a short clip of Sarah singing if you have one. She must have been so happy! <3

  2. I have thought about posting a short clip – since you asked maybe I will. She sure loves to watch – very proud of herself. I even hesitated to have her do a solo, but my oldest daughter and friend talked me into it.

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