The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 7

Today Bethany had to go to the CF clinic so I knew we would not have a lot of time to do stuff. Her visits can take a long time and I had reason to believe this one would be a long one. It actually did not end up being that long, but I had already planned something that took up almost no time at all. So, the special thing for today was that I gave out Christmas socks – small but it counts as it was really special to the kids. Strange how such small things can be so much fun to a kid. They all loved picking out the socks they wanted. We did make cookies later – slice and bake so not really very hard. But, still fun. 
I took a picture of some of the socks, but most of the kids had already chosen theirs and put them on before I remembered to get my camera and get a picture. 

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