The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 18

Today was a little different. Usually most of my time is spent with my younger kids and they are the ones that I have been doing things with. But, today after church I met my older girls and we went out to lunch and shopping together. It was Meredith, Shannon, Anna, Emily, Katie, Abigail, Zola and myself. It was really nice to spend time together and just sit and talk and laugh. I think we will do it every year if it works out and that has already been suggested to me. 

Because I was gone most of the day, it was hard to do much of anything with my younger kids. But, I did let them watch another Christmas movie and they got Christmas bags from their Sunday School teacher today and I let them go through their bags. I know it was small and I know they watched a movie yesterday, but I am counting the movie and opening their gift bags as our “special thing”. I wasn’t here for the movie, but I was here to watch them open their gift bags and that was pretty exciting for them. Tess came up to me after they opened their bags and sat on my lap and said, ” This is my first Christmas.” It was kind of sad and sweet at the same time.
I took a picture of Zola today as she lit the advent candle in church this morning.
When church was over, Bethany ran up to where Michael was playing the piano as people left the sanctuary. I saw her standing there next to him and grabbed my phone and got about a 6 or 7 second video of them together. Thought I would post that, too.


  1. Sharon, you are such a good Mama. Even the seemingly small things are big and touching, as seen by the video here and the story of Tess and her first Christmas. I would love to see a photo of your Big/Older daughters all together. And, a photo of You! One of you with your children. Some day your children will want to see photos of Mama with them. Take some for them to have in that time. How I wish there were more old photos of my own Mama! She was and still is the most beautiful person in my life.
    Enjoy the days leading up to Christmas. <3 Jo

  2. Your son plays piano beautifully! I am getting so spoiled by these daily posts. It is the first place I check when I get up in the morning, I love your family, your traditions, and your photos. But the 24 days are passing by so quickly!

  3. Sharon, I love this. I have two teen kids and two little kids and some times it is nice just to go shopping or to lunch with the older ones. It's so much more relaxing. I "think" I know who most of your kids are but would agree with Jo that it would be great to see a group picture with names!

    P.S. I think everything you have done "counts" as they are all very special to the kids. Even a movie is a great treat! Merry Christmas from Wisconsin!

    Sue H.

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