The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 11

Today we did our Christmas Pageant at church. The entire performance was done by my kids and one other child. Well, I did let my granddaughter go up in an angel costume today even though she had never practiced and wasn’t going to sing, as she didn’t know what they were singing. But, when she said to me that she wanted to be a fairy — like Bella — I didn’t have the heart to say no. I knew she would behave and would do fine so I hunted down a costume and let her go up with them. The only child that wasn’t in our family was Joseph. My Sarah was Mary this year as she has always wanted to be Mary and has never gotten the chance. This was a big year for Sarah as she was Mary and got to sing a solo, too. When your mom leads the program she can let you be anyone you want and let you sing a solo. Sarah started talking about singing a solo weeks ago, but no way was I going to let her have one. She really has a hard time keeping the pitch right. But, my oldest daughter convinced me to let her and so I did. She must have been fine as one of my older daughters told me she cried when Sarah sang.
Sarah Singing Her Solo
Baby Jesus was my grandson, Luke.  And Luke’s dad played the piano for us. My oldest daughter narrated the program so it was quite the family affair. Joey usually does the sound for us but he had not been feeling well. 

The program went better than I expected seeing that we barely practiced this year and I really had low expectations. I have just been so busy that I thought I couldn’t get it done, but I wanted the kids to be able to perform. I especially wanted Piper and Tess to be in a Christmas pageant so I decided to go ahead and see if we could get it done — and we did. 



Then this evening we decorated the tree. It already had lights and beads on it, but that was all. So we got the ornaments out of attic and all the kids went through them picking out theirs. Piper wanted to know where her ornaments were. I had to explain that we got each child an ornament every year and she and Tess had been in China so they had not gotten any yet. We are going out this week to let them both pick out their first ornament. 
So, we actually did two things today.





  1. Preciousness, all of them! I'd give anything to have heard Sarah sing. Sharon, I've heard other Mama's say that their adopted child ask where their ornaments are. eBay has ornaments for each year in the past 20 years. It would be fun to surprise them with one with each year of their life on it. Just a thought. Loving these Christmas updates!

  2. That's actually a good idea. I might try to do that over the next year. Don't think I would get it done for this Christmas. Thanks.

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