Yesterday, I basically had nothing planned except going to church and practicing for our Christmas program. It felt kind of like a lazy do nothing day to me and that’s pretty much all we did. Bethany did decide she thought it would be fun to look for all the stuff she and Piper and Tess used last year to decorate their room for Christmas – maybe even decorate a little. It hasn’t been the best week for Bethany as her blood sugar keeps going up and her doctor had to start her on insulin — something Bethany has dreaded. She got her first insulin shot yesterday and it was not nearly as bad as she thought it would be. She had been very concerned about this shot for days so I was glad her first shot was over and she had gotten her enthusiasm back. Anyway, I decided it would be great for Bethany and Piper and Tess to hunt through their storage closets and find the Christmas decorations that they used for their room last year.  They had a great time going through stuff and finding what they wanted to use this year. 
Bethany decided she wanted to change using multi colored lights for their tree to the clear ones — and she wants to spray some snow on it. Everybody agreed. Unfortunately, their tree from last year was in really bad shape so we had to throw it out. I think we will be looking for a new one today or maybe just get a live tree – can’t decide. They did have fun most of the afternoon going through Christmas stuff and planning for their room. It was a nice day. 


While they were searching, Bethany found an old bell necklace she had gotten when she was about 8 or 9 years old – made her happy. 


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