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We live in the city — 7 minutes from the nearest grocery store, several places to eat, drug stores and a gym. But our road is very quiet with only four houses on it. Every morning several squirrels sit on our deck waiting for some food, and one very brave one sits on the window ledge looking in and watching to see if I am going to get his breakfast for him. I am afraid to open the window, sometimes, as I don’t want to have a squirrel running around our house and he seems pretty brave. Even as I am opening the window, he is still just sitting there waiting patiently. 
This morning one of the kids told me to look in our back yard and this is what I saw. There were ten of them all together. Amazing! We live in the city and have deer in our yard just about every single day — but, not usually ten.

Just thought I would throw in a couple of pictures of Bella. She is definitely Miss Personality. You would never know that she spent the first three years of her life in an orphanage. 




  1. Hi Sharon! I love reading your blog! I don't know how you do it all. Our daughter Stacey has DS and she is 39. She has been with us since she was a year old. I was hoping you might do a post explaining a little bit about each of your children. I'm a bit confused when I read and see pictures about who is who. Thanks! Linda

  2. I guess it is time for me to tell a little about each of my children — I have been asked to do this several times. I keep saying I will do it and then forget. So, I will start a post on this soon.

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