Back In The City

We got back to the city this afternoon and it was so nice to be able to write family and find out how things are at home. It is good to have Internet again.
Well, this week with Bella was really great! She is one cute kid. She is very loving and will sit and hug me for ten or fifteen minutes straight — sometimes falling asleep as I hold her. She likes to play this game where she wants to come to me and I hold her– then after about three minutes she wants to go to Emily and Emily will hold her — then in about three minutes she wants to go back to me. She will do this over and over and over — laughing as she does it. She thinks it is a very funny game to play.
I was asked in a comment on my blog how old she is — she is two. She was two in February. I think she is doing exceptionally well for a two year old with Down syndrome. She is doing better than I expected. She plays well, can walk, babbles, points to things and mimics us. I am impressed. The workers at the orphanage seem to really care about her and I don’t think it is a show for us. She is doing better than any child we have ever adopted from EE. This is a real blessing for us as I think Allysen is going to need a lot of attention, have a lot of medical appointments, and need much therapy. Bella will have needs, of course, but she really won’t have the number of appointments that Allysen will. So, Bella does seem to be doing well but, of course, she needs a family– and I am so glad that we will be that family. All children need a family to love them and care for them because even a good orphanage can not replace a family.
Our two weeks here have gone very well but I am definitely ready to go home. I am going to try to write a little more on our visits with Bella later. For now, I will post some pictures from days two and three of our visits. Then later I will post days four and five.







Here are some photos of Bella’s orphanage.






  1. Oh, wow! Bella is at the same orphange my son is at-I have tons of questions to ask you. Up until now I haven't found anyone who was there to get an idea of what it is like and the kind of care he is receiving. I'm so excited to see this 🙂

  2. Bella is absolutely beautiful! She looks like she has a very sweet and playful personality. So cute!


  3. You can email me if you would like. I will answer any questions I can for you. My email is

  4. jane daulton says

    Great to see these pics! Bella is beautiful! Are you going to keep her name? Allyson is how old? When do you go back? Hope it's not in the winter. We should go in late sept early oct. That's a good time for us. Blessings my friend! Love, jane

  5. Jane, We are actually going to call Bella the name that RR gave her — Bella. That was not her real name though. Allysen is almost 4 1/2. We hopefully will go back by the middle of November but it could be later. I really want to go as soon as possible. We are going to change Allysen's name to Sophia.

  6. jane daulton says

    Thanks for publishing these pictures! Lovely! Love the pics of the village and the girls. How old is Allyson? You are going to have your hands full. Like they're not already! Glad you're home. When do you go back? We should go over in Sept or oct. Nice time to be traveling. Love, jane

  7. Jane, I loved taking pictures when I was there. You know me – always with a camera. I do think we are going to have our hands full once we get back with both girls. Allysen is going to need a lot of therapy and probably an MRI and many other appts. She is not doing very well at all for a child of 4. I was expecting to see a child that could sit and play and hold her head up well and would be interested in toys. I am not sure what is going on with her — a possible stroke? I guess we will find out once we get her back. We are hoping that once we get her here and start therapy and find out what is going on, she will make some improvement. We realize that she might not walk and might have brain damage from a stroke. Whatever happens, I know we were suppose to go and get her. She is a very beautiful little girl and touches my heart.

  8. Hi 🙂 I was directed to your blog as we may be going to the same orphanage. Is there a better way to contact you?

  9. Christine, you can email me — it is on the home page of my blog or just use

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