MRI Results

Joey and Shannon got the results of the MRI and the tumor is stable. No change. No change is good, though we would love it to shrink some. Thanks so much to everyone for their prayers. They did his blood work the same day and all is well there, too. So, he starts back on chemo on Monday. His numbers actually looked good – not just ok. Now we can relax some until the next time — October. 


  1. Great news! It's been stable for quite a while, which is good in the tumor process. Glad his numbers are up too. Will continue to pray for him.

  2. It has been stable since last fall and that is a blessing.

  3. That’s a relief! It’s great that the tumor is stable for now and that they didn’t find anything wrong after the blood work. I hope chemo also goes well so the next MRI results come out great as well. I’ll keep Joey and your beautiful family in my prayers! It’s nice to see that he has the support he needs.

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