MRI Day Again

Thursday is MRI day again for Joey. It seems like he just had one done, but it has been two months. It is always stressful having it done and then waiting to talk to the doctor to see what it shows. Please remember him in your prayers. It has been a long year for him. He will get the results tomorrow afternoon. 
This picture is not very good and I took it at night with my cell phone, but I love it. I sometimes stop by to see Joey and Shannon in the evening and they will be on the front porch talking. I will usually stand and talk to them a few minutes and almost without fail Joshua will hear us and come to the window to see me. He will smash his nose and face against the screen and look out and smile. It is so sweet. I told Shannon the other night that I will always remember him doing this. 
There is a strange shadow on his face but I just wanted to post anyway — I only had two pictures and the dark shadow is on both. 

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