CF Day Again

Since Bethany’s pulmonary function was down for the past two visits to the CF clinic, we had to go back today to do another PFT (pulmonary function test). Her doctor wants to make sure she is not on a downward spiral. We have really been working on getting her numbers up since her last visit, but unfortunately, they pretty much stayed the same  — up by one number, only. So, her doctor discussed what we should do. He said that there was the possibility that she is growing pseudomonas in her lungs and her cultures are just not showing it. He said we could do a bronchoscopy to check for pseudomonas in her lungs or we could add an antibiotic to her treatments without really knowing what or if she is growing anything — since her last cultures were pretty much ok. After much discussion, he decided to add an extra albuterol treatment daily — which makes three a day now. He also added one more medication in the hopes that we will be able to get her numbers back up or at least keep them the same. He did another culture and we will have the results of it next week. 
We also have Bethany running most days now — about a half mile a day. Her doctor thought it might help her lung function. I think it will take a little time to see any results from this. 

I bought this little book for Bethany this week and she loved it. I read it to her and she has read it to herself over and over — one of her favorites to read while getting her treatments. 
Zola spends a lot of her time in the kitchen baking — I do enjoy watching her and seeing how much she loves to cook. She has actually become quite good. 








Bella just hangs around reading, playing and looking for me to hold her as much as possible. She is such an easy child. 


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