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Not much going on this week but thought I would post some pictures. 
Claire had a birthday — she turned 10! Hard to believe she is that old as she is still so small. 

One of her gifts was a wagon and she and Bethany have had so much fun with it.



Megan came home from medical school for the weekend. She finally got to meet Bella and Sophia.


I spent some time this week trying to get a few good pictures of Bella and Sophia. It is so hard to get Bella to sit still for even a minute and most of the time Sophia won’t even look at me. But, here are a few that I ended up with that I liked.





Today our next door neighbor brought over a bunch of butterfly nets for the kids and they were so excited.


Bethany brought me some flowers (weeds) she found in the yard while playing.


Bella also brought me some flowers today — with the help of Jordan.



  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful girls! I'm trying to get Ally to sit still long enough too!

  2. those are GORGEOUS photos of your newest girls! bravo! (what kind of camera do you have/use? do you use editing software on a computer? if so, what kind? are you self-taught or have you had lessons in photography? you are super talented! and it doesn't hurt you have darling subjects to work with 🙂

  3. I use the Canon 5d MK ll and for editing I use Lightroom. I am basically self taught but I have taken some online photography classes which I really enjoy. I especially enjoy taking pictures of kids and my two new girls have been lots of fun to photograph — though, Sophia can be hard to engage. She doesn't like to look at me so I have to catch her off guard.

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