Strep — Again

So, we had another strep infection go through the house — 5 kids had it this time. At least it was only 5. Usually, almost every kid gets it. This time our pediatrician talked to an infectious disease doctor and a group of them met and discussed what to do. They believe that Tess is a carrier. So, everyone started on medication and Tess was given some extra meds that they thought might take care of the situation. We went back to the doctor after everyone finished their meds — good news is that Tess was negative — finally! Hopefully, we will now all stay well for awhile. 
Sophia has turned 8 years old — in March — and been home for 3 years. 



Dinner at the local shopping center.




Tess still seems to have some special connection to Bella. She plays with her and hugs her and talks to her all the time. Bella loves it — though, all the attention seems to have made Bella a little full of herself. She has always been so good and lately she is pushing the limits.








  1. Sharon, Since you've had specialists involved, I'm sure this is covered but I thought I'd mention it anyway. I ran into this situation when my older kids were much younger and it turned out my daughter was carrying the strep infection in her bottom (which I'd never heard of). They'd test her throat and it would come back negative but we kept having reinfections in the house. Finally the pediatrician mentioned/thought she might be carrying it in her bottom, which she was, and must have been contacting it through bathroom duties and spreading it. I can't recall how it was cured, but just thought I'd throw that out there if it shows up again!


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