Almost Over

Summer seemed to fly by and I really didn’t do so many of the things I wanted to do with the kids. But, we have had a nice summer and the kids are actually ready for school to start – I think. They are looking forward our days that we do literature studies and projects to go along with what we are reading. They are also looking forward to our history this year.  Last year they had a great year and we are hoping for another great one. Our books have been ordered and most have arrived. The kids can hardly stay away from them. I still have a little planning to do, but I am basically done. I think even I’m ready to get back into a routine. 
Tomorrow Sarah, Bethany and I are leaving for Tennessee. My grandmother lived in Tennessee and my mother was born there. I spent almost every summer of my childhood there and I like to show the kids some of the places that are special to me. I took Abigail and Zola in 2017 and now I will take two more kids. Taking just a couple of the kids each time gives us some quiet time together and makes it special for the two going. I am hoping these two will enjoy it as much as Abigail, Zola and I did when we went. I also hope they are up to a lot of walking as we walked and walked and walked. 
I’m just posting a few random pictures from this summer. I haven’t really taken that many in the past week or so. I am planning to take a lot on this trip, though. 
My granddaughter, Evelyn. 


Bethany made a blanket for her nephew – now we have to mail it. 
My grandson, Baby Finn, as we call him — on his first birthday. 

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