The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 22

Our special thing today was to have all the family over early this evening — just food and visiting. This is a lot of fun for my younger kids as they know there will be lots of food and especially sweets. Zola made several batches of fudge and they all turned out great. So, we just visited and ate and the kids ran around and played. I love seeing all the cousins playing with their aunts and each other and having fun – family is so important. 
I didn’t take one picture tonight which is odd for me. So, just posting a few random pics from the season. We are coming to the end of our 24 days and it actually seems to have gone by quickly this year. We have really enjoyed doing this and I guess this will be a tradition for us as long as the kids want to do it, and I imagine that will be for several more years. I actually enjoy doing it, myself. I love to hear the kids ask what the special thing for the day will be. Sometimes I have something planned and sometimes they help think of something. It means that we will do something together every single day – even if it is small. I hope one day they remember these as special times. 




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