The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 21

Today for our special thing we made fudge and Rice Krispies Treats for our next-door neighbor. We figured we had made enough stuff for ourselves and now was time to start sharing with our friends. We still have more to make and to give, but we have at least started. It all turned out good and we even had a little left over for an after dinner snack.
Today was Luke’s last day with me till after Christmas so I placed him in front of the tree to try to get a few pictures. He didn’t exactly cooperate, but I still got a few. But, he was very interested when I gave him a bite of Rice Krispies Treats. 


  1. Sharon, This is completely off topic but if you ever find the time, it would be great to read a post about the logistics of having such a large family, such as the the cooking, shopping, cleaning, storage, etc. Do the kids have chores? I imagine multiple children share bedrooms as you've adopted over the years? I have been a long-time reader and often wonder how you manage such a large group of children. I am in awe. I only have 4 children and am often at my wits end trying to keep the house in order and everything stocked and clean!

    Sue H.

  2. I could think about doing that but not sure I have a lot to offer in that department. We manage to do what I think is most important but not sure we are examples for anybody.

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