The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 14

We almost didn’t get our “special thing” done today. But, I managed to figure out something in the early evening. We made fudge — a family recipe that my was given to me when I married Bill. We made the fudge and then put it on a Christmas plate and the kids took it to our next door neighbors. 

When you get really busy shopping and wrapping and trying to get everything done for Christmas it sometimes makes it hard to slow down and just do something with the kids. This plan of ours has made me take time every single day to do something – no matter how small. If we hadn’t decided to try this, I know that I would not have taken the time to plan something each day. I have enjoyed doing this with the kids though there have been a few days that I didn’t think we would make it. 

I didn’t take any pictures today because I had to stir the fudge constantly, and then I got busy getting it ready for our neighbors – and giving a little to each child. So, I am posting a picture I took of Bella the other day that I like.


I thought this might be a good day to post this video since I have only one picture. Last week Zola played with The American Youth Harp Ensemble on TV — Virginia This Morning.


  1. I'm just catching up here. I was so blessed to scroll through all of your Christmas posts. Just beautiful. Amazing how big the kids are getting. I can't believe our Bulgarian girls have been home almost 4 years! Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas.

  2. I know — it seems like only a few years ago that Andrew , Bethany, Claire, Sophia and Bella were just little kids. Now they are all getting so big – even Bella.

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