The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 13

Our special thing today was to play Christmas Bingo. I saw the game back in November and bought it and finally pulled it out today. Everyone seemed to enjoy it though Piper and Bella and Claire had a lot of trouble keeping up with the game. But, since they asked to play a second time I think it was a hit. Oh, and Claire won the first game. 
As I was drinking my coffee alone early this morning, I looked up and saw Sarah coming into the room. She usually sleeps later, but this morning woke up early and spent a little time alone with me. Almost as soon as she got into the room she asked what our special thing was going to be today. It was rather sweet that she was so excited about what we would do – especially since most of what we have done has not been very exciting. Her first choice was to watch an old home video of Christmas 2007 because that is one of her favorites. But, since we had already done that once (2010 video) I decided we would do something different and save that for a day my mind is blank. 

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