The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 19

Today we decided we would take the gift cards that were in the gift bags from church yesterday – that their Sunday school teacher gave – and get hot chocolate from McDonald’s. So we all headed to McDonald’s for hot chocolate. Each child ordered theirs and used their gift card, so I am sure we were annoying, but the guy waiting on us was very patient. After we sat down to drink our drinks, I sent Jordan to the car to get the jars of candy we made for people. Bethany took up two different jars of candy to the guy that so patiently waited on us. Then a few minutes later a woman came over to us and gave toys to all the kids. It was really nice. 
So, we had Christmas hot chocolate together and then my son, John, came with his two kids. It was a nice visit and our “special thing” for day 19. 

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