The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 15

Today Bethany and I went on a short shopping trip to the mall. We passed through Barnes and Noble as we left and I saw a puzzle that was really cute and thought it would be a good choice for todays “special thing”. So, we bought it and took it home for all the kids to work. I knew it would be hard for a lot of the kids, but thought with the help of some of the older ones they could probably enjoy working on it.
We pulled it out in the late afternoon and as soon as we dumped out all of the pieces I knew I had probably made a big mistake. Somehow when I looked at the picture on the box I just thought of how pretty it would be — even though it had 1,000 pieces. I may have been very wrong — so many pieces and they are so small. But, the kids started grabbing and trying to put it together. I think it took about 10 minutes or more to get two pieces together. This could take forever, if we even get it done. But, most of the kids still had fun trying and some of them still think they can get it done. So, that was our “special thing” for today and they will probably still be working on it two or three weeks from now.
A random picture I took of Bethany a while back when we were first decorating the house.

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