Bible School

This was Bible School week at our church. It was really great. The kids loved it and had so much fun. I think Tess has told me at least 10 times tonight that Bible School is over and it was soooo much fun. Our church has the best helpers and teachers and they never complain about my kids and I KNOW some of mine are not always the best behaved. Piper never stops talking or jumping all over the place and Sarah will ask the same question over and over and over. But, always, when I pick up the kids I get such a nice welcome and no complaints. But, I usually ask as I know somebody has probably been a little wild or had trouble listening. 
But, it was a great week and I was glad they all got to go – it was Bella’s first year. She was so excited and her teacher really seemed to like her and gave her a little extra help. It was a really good year for all the kids and they came home with a lot of stuff that they spent the afternoon playing with and looking at. 
Unfortunately, Joey can’t get his chemo next week either. That means three weeks that he has been unable to start. Praying that next week his blood work will come back better. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. I worry when he can’t get it, but in the scheme of things I guess three weeks won’t make a lot of difference.  
We made ice cream sundaes one day after Bible School. Such little things can sure make kids happy.


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