Fall News

It has been a fairly busy fall and I had all kinds of things I wanted to post, but just never seemed to get around to it. We had our annual fall pumpkin carving and it was lots of fun. We combined it with Joshua’s 1st birthday party — Joshua being our grandson. I had pictures to post and then Joshua’s mom went into labor and had a beautiful baby girl — Madelyn. So, we were busy visiting and helping with Joshua and I never got around to posting pumpkin carving pictures. I do have pictures of Madelyn to post, though.




We finally got our new shed so we can clean up all of the stuff in our yard. The kids were beyond excited to watch it be delivered and set up.


I, of course, took pictures and it was kind of cute to me to turn around and see that Sarah had run into the house to get her camera so she could take some pictures.


So, we both took pictures of the truck unloading the shed.


The next day I was out picking up some things at the mall and was gone for a couple of hours. When I pulled into the driveway this is what I saw — Bethany on the porch of the shed — rocking chair, blanket, and even an extra blanket to keep warm. I think she thinks it is her new playhouse — it is not.


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