The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 3

Today our special thing to do was to put snowflakes on the windows. We did this last year. It makes the windows in the back where we have no candles look rather festive. Andrew pulled off all the snowflakes and gave them to the girls who put them on the windows. It was a simple, easy thing but fun. 
My first picture has nothing to do with the snowflakes, but Evelyn was here and I thought she looked rather cute so I will post a picture of her. The second one of Sopia is her watching. She pulled up and watched the kids sticking up the snowflakes for a few minutes. 
Oh, and that hat on the baby doll is one Bethany made from the left over fabric she had from her apron. I think it looks kind of cute. 


A rare, quiet moment for Piper this evening. 

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