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I mentioned in my last post that I would love for Bella’s orphanage director to see some pictures of her, and see how happy she is and how well she is doing. Well, right after I posted that, I had several emails from families traveling to the orphanage she was in, and from people who knew of families traveling there — all volunteering to take some pictures of her to the orphanage for me. I was so excited that I immediately made a small book of pictures. It has already arrived and I will be mailing it tomorrow to a family getting ready to travel. I am so happy that I am able to do this. Not only am I sending a book this week, but another family traveling in a couple of months said they will take more pictures for me.  It is so kind for people you don’t even know to volunteer to do something so nice for you. 
The book was a rush job so not the best, but I am still so happy to be able to do this. Maybe next time I will have more time to think about what pictures to use and how to arrange them. 
This is the front of the book. 
This is the back.
Bella, just being her cute self — just taken, so not included in the book. 

We got snow and Bethany built a snowman. 


  1. Oh I'd so love to do the same for Anya's orphanage! How cool!

  2. I look sometimes to see how many kids are listed from that orphanage and I hardly ever see any — though I do know of two other families that have adopted from there besides your family and mine. If I ever hear of anyone going there I will let you know — I would like to send a book for Sophia, too.

  3. She is such a beautiful little girl! We have only visited one of our girls orphanages and it was for a very short time. I have always wished we could have experienced what they went through daily. I am sure they will love the book!

  4. I do hope they enjoy the book. We had to visit the orphanage everyday for five days — not that I didn't want to visit, I did. We had to go for five days to make sure we wanted to adopt her — we did the same for both girls who were in two different orphanages. You were not required to visit each orphanage when you traveled? We have adopted from three countries and were at the orphanage daily in all three countries. But, I guess not every country requires that or even wants the daily visits — all our countries were EE countries. Of course, we didn't necessarily see what kind of care our girls got daily as they were brought out to us and we either stayed on the playground or in one room.

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