Cold Days — Kids Playing

I’m tired of cold weather and I know the kids are too. I’m ready for them to go out and play all day long. But, we have a few warm days and then it is cold again. I am so ready for spring. Today it was chilly, but the kids decided to go out and build a fort. They seemed to have a good time, but I could only stay out long enough to get a few pictures  — too cold for me. 
Sophia saw the neurologist on Tuesday and will be having an MRI in a couple of weeks. The doctor suspects a stroke — like all the other doctors. After the MRI we will see him again and I guess I will have a little more to go on. I have learned one thing about Sophia. She hates to go places. It took me a little while to realize it, but I am now sure that she just doesn’t like going to new places. Every time I take her somewhere she grinds her teeth constantly, growls and makes all kinds of noises and shakes her head — similar to what she does at home —  but a whole lot more and even adds a few things. Now I see how upset she seems to get if we leave the house. Once we are back home and she can sit in the family room floor she is fine. She calms down. So, I think I will try to go a little less with her — not that she really goes many places. 
Bethany on our front porch  — she is always such a joyful child and so full of energy.

Here are a few of the pictures I took while the kids played out back and worked on their fort.  We actually live in the city but still have plenty of land and woods for the kids to run and play.












Bella resting in daddy’s arms. She doesn’t sit still for long, but it is nice when she will cuddle a little.


Sophia still likes to grab anyone and anything that gets close to her — well, mostly people.



Yesterday, the little girl next door came over and brought me some flowers. It was so sweet and I took a picture of them just to remember the day she brought them. She is 5 years old and Bethany says she is her very best friend.



  1. I love seeing Bella with the little baby doll. My 21 month old loves her "baby" too! It's freezing in Wisconsin (and we got lots of snow this week) so I'm also looking forward to Spring (which usually appears in April/May)!

    Sue H.

  2. Bella loves dolls. I am surprised at how much she seems to like them. She usually has one with her most of the day.

  3. Is that bamboo growing in your backyard? Wow!

    Love the pictures of the girls. Bella and Sophia look like they're settling in and growing and thriving.

  4. Yea, it's bamboo. Strange, I guess, especially since we do live in the city. The kids love it.

  5. It was so nice to meet you today! If I hear anything about Project Lifesaver in Richmond, I will past it on. In the meantime, if you need anything or want a playdate for the little ones, my e-mail is my name together, lower case, followed by 93 at gmail dot com.

  6. I enjoyed meeting you, too. A playdate sometime would be great. Bella is finally adjusting and playing a little more. She wouldn't play much at first. I will email you sometime and if you want to email me I have a place you can mail me on my blog. Also, I would love to know if you get any info on Project Lifesaver as I think it would be great or several of my kids.

  7. JOrdan has a few things that really stress him. We've started noticing what a few of them are: small spaces, elevators, doctors offices, and changing his diaper anywhere new. We keep his world as small as we can – he likes riding in the up-high seat in the stroller and dangling things out of there. But sometimes he just has to go with the flow. Hopefully enough times out and he'll realize that going out can be nice! And… he is just beginning to look to me for comfort. Maybe someday the trust will be strong enough to even help him through even the triggered meltdowns!

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